Cook with precision

  • 52 Temperature Settings
  • Boils Water in 90 Seconds
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Advanced Safety Features

Free Cookware

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What you get

  • NuWave PIC2
  • 3.3 litre (3.5 Quart) Stainless Steel pot, with tempered glass lid
  • 27cm (10.5 Inch) PerfectGreen non-stick pan with lid (lid also fits this pan)
  • Instructional DVD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual

All in One cooking solution makes cooking faster, safer & more eco-friendly!

Timed Rice Cooker

Temperature Controlled Deep Fryer

Indoor/Outdoor Portable Grill

Programmable Slow Cooker

Festive Fondue Maker

The Advanced features of the PIC2: Prepare Healthy, Tasty Meals with Less Effort

Stage Cooking in 3 Steps!


The PIC2 Thinks For You

Save and recall favorite cooking procedures - like having your own private chef!


Sit Back & Relax

"Stages" including varying cooking times and temperatures can be recorded and repeated - while you wait!


Dinner Is Served

With the simple press of a button, your meal is done in no time at all. Come and eat!

High-Performance Portable Induction Cooking

Cool to the Touch

Take the ice cube challenge! Induction technology warms the pan, but the PIC2 remains cool.


Uses up to 90% less energy than a traditional gas or electric stove


Boil, simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, saute, steam and sear, slow cook, barbecue, melt and grill

No Flames or Fire

The PIC2's precise temperature control requires no coils or open flame, eliminating the risk of fire. For more information on kitchen fires and fire safety, Click Here

Control Panel

LCD display- features 6 different temperature settings, adjustable in 10 degree increments

Easy to Clean

Spills won't burn and stick to the cooktop surface.

What Makes The PIC2 Different?

Saturated Fat - Oil cooked on the gas stove contained 25 percent more saturated fat than that taken from the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2. The electric range fared even worse, with 50 percent more saturated fat contained in its sample versus that of the PIC2

Cholesterol - The scientists at Northland Laboratories concluded that the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2, with its precise temperature control, showed a reduction in the amount of oil absorption in fried foods compared to that cooked on an electric or gas top cooker, which essentially lowers the Cholesterol absorbed when eating the fried food, compared to food fried on an electric or gas top cooker.

Trans Fatty Acid - Most profound of all tested discrepancies was in the measurement of trans fatty acids. Oil sampled from the electric range contained 600 percent more of these detrimental fats, while oil from the gas stove yielded 900 percent more trans fatty acids than that taken from the NuWave PIC2.

Lightweight & Portable. Cook with ease on the go.
52 Temperature Settings Adjustable by -12°C (10°F) with 6 presets.
Programmable Stage Cooking. The PIC2 does the thinking for you.
Ergonomic Design. Round design means no wasted space.
  38°C-302°C (100°F-575°F) Temperature Range. Broad temperature range offers cooking flexibility.

Ergonomic Design

Unlike other portable induction cooktops, the PIC2 has a space-saving round design, ensuring that it won't take up too much space on your counter or dinner table. Plus, it produces 50% less sound emissions than other cooktops, leading to a more pleasant cooking and dining experience.


The PIC2 gives you precise temperature control at your fingertips. Unlike other cooktops, the PIC2 has 52 temperature settings, allowing you to cook in 10-degree increments between 38°C(100°F) and 302°C (575°F). Plus, the PIC2 boasts unique features such as the ability to program cooking times up to 100 hours.

Money Savings

The PIC2 saves you time and money. The energy savings alone can pay for the PIC2 in no time. Because the PIC2 cooks so efficiently, you can cook without heating your kitchen, saving you money on your utility bill too. Additionally, the precise temperature control allows you to preserve and reuse your cooking oil, saving you money on your grocery bill.


The safety features of the PIC2 will put your mind at ease. The shatter-resistant surface greatly reduces the risk of kitchen accidents. And because there are no open flames or hot coils, the risk of household fires is greatly reduced. When you remove the cookware from the PIC2 surface, the conduction of heat stops immediately, allowing you to choose exactly when to resume cooking.

The Verdict is In!

NuWave PIC2 = Portable Cooking Perfection!

Millions of Americans have watched the popular infomercial announcing the latest revolutionary household product from the trusted NuWave line of housewares. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 is a game-changing portable induction cooktop that makes cutting-edge culinary technology safe, convenient and best of all, affordable for the nation's families.

Customer Reviews

 The greatest!

By Smileyfrom Queens, New Yorkon 9/5/2013

This is the greatest cooktop. I live in a very small space and I feel safe using the NuWave because there is no flame. I love how fast the water boils and I use it to cook everything. I love how portable it is because I can use it outside to fry fish. I had another portable stove, but it does not compare to this one. Highly recommended.

 Love it can't live without it

By josiefrom Sevierville, Tn.on 8/31/2013

I live in an rv and it saves room. don't even use my stove at all. Even slow cooked in it. It is so easy to use. Thank you.

 I love my nuwave cooktop

By KAYfrom NORTH CAROLINAon 8/30/2013

I got the nuwave cooktop a month ago and I really love it. I also have the nuwave oven I got two years ago and love them both.I really love the pans too I wish I had the whole set of pots.


By Larry the DDS home meal cheffrom iowaon 8/30/2013 

I am so sorry I did not take advantage of all the extras I could have purchased when I ordered this . I now am going to purchase the pressure cooker and extra cookware that I opted not to purchase at the time I ordered it . I can't wait to cook my meals any more ! This is a dream ! I already had their convection oven and was pleased , but had no idea it was by the same company ! This product is no fluke,I have two burners going as I write this praise!!!

 Totally Awesome

By Conniefrom Bullard, TXon 8/20/2013

I may have commented before, but the NuWave PIC foods Fast! No hot kitchen! I'm saving my money to buy the cookware set!


By picfrom Palmetto, Floridaon 8/20/2013

We have 4, 2 for home & 2 in our motor home. We hardly ever use our stove anymore! The PIC changed the way we cook everything. Couldn't imagine being without them!

 Wonderful Product!

By Phyllisfrom Naperville, ILon 8/18/2013

I've had mine for just a few weeks and am thrilled with how perfectly it cooks everything. Scrambled eggs are always just right, and steaks are amazing with the grill. I love the non-stick skillets... so easy to clean. It's not only a real timesaver, but the food tastes so much better!

This product is FANTASTIC!!

By Pinkyfrom Richburg, SCon 8/18/2013

WOW, I have really enjoyed this cooktop..it is fast, versital, easy and I am going to buy my mother one now!!!

 Love the New Wave PIC Best cooktop EVER

By Carol Smithfrom Bloomington Il.on 8/17/2013

I have the New Wave Oven and PIC both never leave my counter These are the BEST products I have ever bought

 Nu wave

By Sassy2from Kenosha, Wion 8/17/2013

Best investment I ever made. Tonight I made dessert in it while supper cooked. Sometimes you can reverse it or then again you can cook the whole meal at one time. Love it. Judie

 My great new kitchen cooktops

By Patfrom Mathis, Texason 8/17/2013

I thought I had everything I needed until I bought the NuWave PIC2.This is the very best for my cooking needs and the quality is much more than I expected. This will make great Christmas presents for family members.

 absolutely Love my PIC 

By Cindy from Lakeland Florida on 8/16/2013

I just received my PIC and took the offer for BOGO and the cookware I'm very pleased with the size of the cooking surface and the quality of the cookware.I used it for the 1st time last night and was amazed with the immediate heat and how quickly water started to boil I would recommend this to friends and family


By Pat G1from Bossier City, Laon 8/14/2013

Bought the NuWave for my RV. It does such a great job and doesn't heat the inside up like the normal range and oven in the camper. It also saves the valuable time while I'm traveling for more important things like sight seeing.


By JJ EDMONDSONfrom Tifton GA.on 8/13/2013

I used my New Nu WAVE INDUCTION for the first time AN HOUR AGO. I LUV IT.Wish I had not waited so long to buy it.I'm single live in small apt.And my NuWave works for me. Luv it.

 I would buy this over and over and it is a great gift

By Preacher--Manfrom Baltimore, Marylandon 8/13/2013

The Cooktop along with the cookware is the best thing since ice cream. I have a L G Electric stove glass top that I never use the NuWave has made it obsolete, great product works and cook wonderful. My whole family caught up in the NuWave experience

 Best move I ever made

By Peggy Hillfrom Kenansville NCon 8/8/2013

I would not trade my nuwave oven and nuwave burner for anything in the kitchen area. I love it. Cooks faster and quicker. Best move anyone could make.

 I would buy this product again

By gfg6056from West Monroe, LAon 8/3/2013

I have had mine for a few weeks and really like it. The temperature controls alow me to use the precise temperature for what I am cooking with nothing overheating and sticking to the bottom of the pan.

 It's the Greatest!

By Mariemetfrom Brunswick, GAon 8/3/2013

I really love my NuWave PIC! At first I was a little skeptical - you know, buying something from a TV commercial doesn't always turn out for the best. I am extremely happy to report that everything said about this wonderful product is completely true! My husband and I use it almost every night to fix dinner and when we have time in the morning we use it to make breakfast too! We plan to take it with us in our camper this winter. We don't have to worry about propane for out stove, we will use our NuWave Pic instead!

 Fantastic! As good or better than the oven, I'm getting the pressure cooker

By Bartfrom Gainesville, FLon 8/3/2013

I have been bummed by TV sales and I saw the NewWave oven and took a chance again. I've had it for 3 years and use it every day. When I saw the add for the PIC I didn't even hesitate. It has been a fantastic addition to my kitchen. I had my carpenter cut a piece of counter top the same side as my stove and put it over the coils on my stove so the PIC wouldn't tilt. I don't use the stove now. Both perfect for a dorm room.


By Roger Brownfrom Rancho Palos Verdes, CAon 8/1/2013

I'll admit it, I was skeptical when I ordered the NuWave Pro. But the first time I boiled a pot of water to make pasta I was sold. Talk about fast! I love the way that I can adjust temperatures instantly.

I love this product and recommend it without reservation. **********!

 Can't imagine life without my Nuwave !!

By Deefrom Fort Worth,Texason 7/31/2013

We love our NuWave cooktop. I have used it to cook everything from a roast cooked very slow all day ,steaming vegetables, frying, and also grilling steaks.I never worry about anything burning or 

the grandchildren burning their fingers.The NuWave 

has completely replaced my stovetop cooking because it heats quickly, evenly and uses less energy.

LOVE IT !!!!


By Danfrom Avoca MIon 7/30/2013

Ordered it on Sunday afternoon and it came Tuesday afternoon. We used it for corn on the cob,greebeans and burgers. I love how easy it was to use and wish I got the grill. You must get this and I know what to get the kids for Christmas now.

 I love my new wave cooking range top and i also love the oven also

By truthfulfrom washington nc.on 7/28/2013


 PIC is better than I thought

By Anon1068from Idahoon 7/23/2013

The PIC has done everything they claimed in the commercials. I live in an RV and it has been a godsend. Space is at a premium and the two PIC's have allowed me to cook almost anything I want quickly and easily.

My only complaint is that there are not enough induction ready cookware out there yet. I need a wok that is induction ready with a semi-flat bottom, and have not found one yet. However, that does not take away from the usability of the PIC.

I recommend them to anyone looking for the flexibility they provide.

 Love My Nuwave Pic Plus Cookware

By Harrietfrom Bartlett, ILon 7/22/2013

I have had my NuwavePic for 3 weeks now and I love it so much I ordered the cookware also. It is heaven. Even though the shipping charges seem way to high since I only live about 32 miles from them. I recommend this to anyone. The cookware is everything they say it is.

 The Best Kitchen Appliance I Own

By Lesl1efrom MARIETTA, Ohioon 7/21/2013

I am unable to cook at the stove. I put this on my table and I'm still able to make our meals or help my husband with part of the meal. This is well worth the money. I love how easy it is to use and to set the timer and degree for cooking. The pans are great. I wish I would have upgraded to the bigger fry pan but the other two I use often. Try and get the extras when you purchase to save a lot of money if you want it later. I kept both of the NUWAVE Cooktops, I was going to give one to my kids but I think I will buy them a set each for Christmas. I really recommend these to everyone. You can use daily or when you need an extra burner during holidays or camping, etc. I forgot to say how fast it cooks, I can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

 Incredible Deal!

By Lightfastfrom Salisbury, North Carolinaon 7/19/2013

I LOVE this method of cooking and can not see me using anything else. The quality of the Cookers as well as the Cookware just blew me away. I did not expect this kind of quality and will never have a problem recommending the PIC System, or the Cookware involved, to anyone I meet! I have already suggested it to all of my friends. GREAT DEAL!

 Must have for traveling!

By New momfrom Honolulu, Hawaiion 7/18/2013

Used the NuWave on a recent trip that we took with our 15 month old. We wanted to prepare some of baby's meals so it came in very handy in the hotel room. The meals came out great and heated up very quickly! We even warmed up our leftovers from restaurants whereas in the past wasted all that food since we had no way to reheat in the room. I loved how you can precisely control the temperature. You don't realize how important that is when you're on vacation with a little one. Always on the go and time is very important. Didn't worry about leaving the hotel with anything hot left in the room. It's so portable, fairly lightweight & easy to clean . Very portable when traveling!

 This product is truly amazing!

By Sherryfrom Eagle Lake, Texason 7/17/2013

I bought our NuWave PIC2 about 2 weeks or so ago............have been giving it various tests and am proud to say that we are very very pleased with the product........you can set your temp and it will hold.....you can set your time, and nothin sticks at all to the pans. I don't write ratings as a rule.........but couldn't help myself with this........it's amazing and does everything they show in the infommercials....they arn't lying............My husband and I are very much in love with this product and highly reccommend it to anyone who has considered purchasing it.........do it...you won't regret it!

 I Am So Pleased With My NuWave PIC

By Very Happy NuWave Owner/Userfrom Bentonville Arkansas, (USA)on 7/15/2013

I researched every Induction cooking product I could find on the "net". Decided on the NuWave. It turns out to be everything I desired in Induction cooking and more. Efficient, Fast, clean. Does everything the product is advertised to do. 2 cup of water boils in less than 2 minutes. Temperature reduction is immediate, increase immediate. Amazing. I'm a "from scratch" cook, advanced cook. This product has not disappointed me. Love the programmable/time offering. It works! I find I am now using this product 100% of the time. One must use Induction ready cooking utinsels with it; but I have found that to be no problem. Sorry I have no pictures. I use this product for cooking, steaming, frying. Great for making "creamed" recipes.. when turning down the temperature to let the sauce thicken, it does it immediately! Wonderful.

 Awesome Product

By Long Ear Ladyfrom Buckeye, Arizonaon 7/14/2013

I use the cook to to cook just about everything that I would cook on my stove top. I live in Arizona we get super HOT in the summer 119 this year, i was NOT in the mood to cook anything then I remembered I could use my new Nuwave cook top,it did not heat up the kitchen nor the cook top. I have got a great investment. I love it so much I ordered two more. Then I will get the cookware set designed for the top next.

 Love it!

By Raven from Virginia, MNon 7/14/2013

I have not used my conventional cook top since I received these! We have two of them and works perfect for the family size we have of 8.

 NuWave oven

By RParkerfan8from Richburg, scon 7/14/2013

words....I love it!

 WOW .... I really am impressed!

By Lightfastfrom Salisbury, North Carolinaon 7/14/2013

I could not believe the quality of the PIC Cookers. The quality of the Pots & Pans offered for free become evident when you pick them up. Had I known the quality would have been this high I would have bought the rest of the offer. I am now very sorry I did not purchase the Pressure Cooker and Grills! I may have to pay a higher price now but, I'm thinking it still may be worth it. You don't always get what you pay for in this world - but this time you can!

Thanks NuWave PIC for a great Deal!


 Great Item

By Medlockfrom Dallas, Txon 7/13/2013

I love this cooktop. I don't ever use my stove anymore and I love how quickly the temperature sets and the ease of using the cooktop. This has changed my entire families way of preparing meals and I could not be more happy. One of the best investments I have ever made in anything.

 Great product I have ever purchased

By Vijayfrom Denver, COon 7/13/2013

When I thought of purchasing it, my wife pulled me back, later we purchased it and Now. my wife loves it so much that, she is only using NuWave, nothing else. Two of our Neighbor purchased this immediately after seeing ours for a week.



 Great Graduation Gift - to take to college!

By Yiayiafrom Daytona Beach, Floridaon 7/13/2013

After searching for creative and practical gifts for my granddaughters high school graduation, I discovered NuWave. What a perfect gift for Catherine to take to her first year at Harvard and Elizabeth, her first year at Williams. They were thrilled with the concept, and delighted to get their first set of pans that work with Induction. I think their favorite is the Fondue set. I also included the carrying case, making it good for storage. Of course, I ordered a second set for myself. I anticipate making future purchases as gifts. I'm so enjoying experimenting and familiarizing myself with all I can do with my new "TOY".

 This is the best cook top I have ever used

By mr. speedyfrom Clifton Coloradoon 7/12/2013

I have a small cafe that has a small kitchen. I use this cook top for every thing

 Use Nuwave every day

By Dannyfrom McDonough, GAon 7/12/2013

We bought ours over a year ago, and still use it daily, faster, and don't heat up the whole kitchen when cooking. The cookware is the best in the world, it does what it says, we haven't had anything stick in it yet.

 Love, Love!!

By Marjafrom Bradenton, FLon 7/12/2013

My husband and I agree this is the best birthday present he could have ever purchased for me! In fact he tells our friends forget jewelry! I use this almost every day when I get home from work. Spagetti and sauce in no time. Beautiful grilled cheese, awesome pork roast with potatoes in 45 minutes! I am ordering larger fry pan today.

 Love my new NuWAVE

By Maggyfrom Oroville,CAon 7/11/2013No More Hot stove!

Will never go back to a hot stove again.
I am getting the NuWave oven next!
Thank you for making my life so much cooler!
I live in a hot place and hate cooking with my stove.

 Really enjoying PIC

By Tania Sfrom Danville, VAon 7/8/2013

I am really enjoying my NuWave PIC. I will never go back to my stove. The food taste better, cooks precise. I even purchased one for my family and I am sure they will enjoy it as well.

 Got one as a gift

By Mikefrom Columbia, SCon 7/8/2013

I use mine almost everyday. The best thing is I can use all the iron skillets and cast iron Dutch oven that my Mother gave me years ago.

 Great for camping

By dlozanofrom South Houston Texason 7/7/2013

We used our cook tops at Lake Livingston this weekend and with 4 adults and 3 babies we needed the food to cook quick, we made pancakes bacon sausage eggs and beans all for breakfast in just 30 minutes and the clean up is wonderful. Using the cooktops out side under the canopy was nice. We love these cooktops.

 Love this cooktop!

By Sasha21from Louisburg NCon 7/6/2013

I use only my cooktop now and have retired my gas stove. Since I have a NuWave oven as well, I do all my cooking with the two appliances. The cooktop is so safe, uses less energy, and can be set for any temperature and time. I use the small frying pan that came with it every day. I don't burn food anymore because I can set the temp. And it turns off really fast if need be. I really love the cooktop!


By Michellefrom Midland, TXon 7/5/2013

After ordering the NuWave Cooktop, I was afraid it would arrive and I wouldn't use it as much I had intended. But when it arrived, I immediately unpacked it and it's so easy to use I hardly needed the instructions. And the pans I received for ordering the cooktop are the nicest pans I've ever had the pleasure of cooking with! The 1st week alone, I made pancakes, grilled sandwiches, omelets, and several other things...they all cooked faster and more evenly than anything I've cooked on my stovetop in the last 12 years. My husband has already started calling it a wonder grill because of how fast items are cooked and because it doesn't burn them like our stovetop constantly has. I'm definitely going to order more for Christmas gifts!

 Great buy for the money

By mkpetfrom Omaha, Neon 6/30/2013

Love love love my NuWave PIC cooktop. Amazed at speed of cooking. One thing I would suggest they add to their cookware accessories. The grill top is great but it would be WONDERFUL if they came up with a lid that could fit over this (high dome of course) to 'seal in' the heat when you are doing some quick indoor grilling. When you really don't have time to 'prime' the outdoor grill this really does it's job!

 Really great product

By PICfrom Sherwood, Arkansason 6/29/2013

We bought our NuWave Pic about 6 months ago and have used the heck out of it. Since we live in a mobile home, we don't use our regular stove in the summer because of the heat. The PIC is just what we needed for our cooking needs. When we fry catfish, the oil never burns and the temp stays just right. Do make sure the fish is thawed out or it will effect the temp. I have recommended the PIC to all my friends.

 Great for office

By Galleywitchfrom Central coaston 6/28/2013

We use this daily in our small break room. We cook breakfasts, dinners, you name it. Could not be happier with this purchase.

 Very impressed!

By cheff freddyfrom Farmington MOon 6/25/2013

I just got the pic and I have never cooked food so fast in my life! I love to cook and the pic comes to temp faster then anything ive ever cooked with. This thing is amazing! Heating water or oil for frying or deep frying, it is very fast. the ability to precisely control the temp like this is fantastic! I WILL recommend this cook top to everyone who takes cooking seriously.